Introducing Draafts for iOS — a minimalist note app

Lazim Mohammed
3 min readMar 12, 2021


I’m really excited to announce a project I’ve been working on for the last few months. It’s called Draafts and it’s the most minimalist note app on App Store.

‘Launching’ — Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

Draafts has a single page editor for writing. No multiple notes, searching through hundreds of notes & finding the correct one. Simply launch and start writing. Whatever you write stays in your device and is not sent to any servers.

The quick bar at the bottom is bundled with some easy actions. You can copy the whole text with a single click or you want to start from scratch again? Draafts have it covered. Quick bar also shows the number of words you have written right now.

Draafts is built with latest of Apple Development tools. Native Swift code helps in very performant application & very less app binary. You know how much you are downloading from the app store? Just around 250KB. 😎

App also supports most of the features in latest iOS /iPadOS. This includes dark mode, keyboard shortcuts & iPad mouse interaction support.

I have spent so much time in making Draafts very minimal, that it helps to not get distracted by any overkilling features or any app notifications. You don’t even have to register to start writing or periodically close the ads that comes up. App is fully free of ads and it will remain same forever.

Tech Stack & Services

  • Swift 5.3 with Xcode 12.1
  • Storage — Native iOS storage APIs
  • Custom analytics tool built with Firebase
  • Chat bots for feature requests & issue reporting powered (Free plan for now until I exhaust the plan limits)
  • Landing page built with plane HTML / CSS hosted on Vercel
  • Private Github repo for code

App uses a zero dollar tech stack for building everything from app to website and hosting it.

Download app from appstore now. You can get to know more about the app here.

I’d love to hear your feedback. You can reach me on Twitter or email me if you’d like.


If you’re looking for a similar experience on Web or Android, please try out the Progressive Web App version of Draafts.